How to Take Care of the Elderly During Summer? – Expert Tips

Top Tips to Take Care of the Elderly in Summer

In the UK, when it is summer, the days become longer and hotter. This weather allows people to do more things outside. However, we must not forget that this warmth can be difficult for older people. When the temperature goes up, there is also an increase in the danger of them getting dehydrated, feeling very tired because of the heat and suffering from other problems due to the hot weather. It’s really important to take good care of older people when it’s summer so they stay healthy. In this blog, we will look into professional advice for looking after old people when it’s summer in the UK. We pay attention, especially to what older people in Croydon need. Also, we point out why it is significant to use skilled home care services in Croydon so that your elderly family members get all-around help.

Top Ways to Care for the Elderly During Summer in the UK

1. Ensure they stay hydrated

For the elderly, not drinking enough water is a big problem, especially when the weather turns hot. Tell the people you care about to drink lots of water all day long, even when they are not feeling thirsty. Provide them with water, fruit juices, and drinks full of electrolytes to maintain hydration levels. Arrange alarms or utilize bottles marked to monitor how much they drink and confirm that their daily requirement for liquids is met.

2. Keep them cool

The elderly need to stay inside the house in hot weather. Use the electric fans or air conditioners, or open the windows for moving air and controlling how warm it is inside. Stay out of the sun when it is very hot, especially during midday. It’s good to wear light clothes and let air pass through easily. You might also give older people cold towels or ice packs to help them stay cool.

3. Plan outdoor activities wisely

While it is pleasant to do things outside, make sure to take the elderly out only when the temperature outside is cooler, like early in the morning or later in the evening. It’s good to stay away from hard activities when the sun is the strongest and make sure there is a place with shade or air conditioning if you will be outside for a long time. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF and reapply it regularly to protect against sunburn.

4. Monitor medications

Some medicines might make it more likely for a person to get sick from the heat or react badly when it is very hot. It is suggested by expert caregivers offering home care services in Croydon to talk to your family doctor about the ongoing medicines and ask if there are any suggestions for taking care of the elderly during the summer. Store medications properly to prevent heat damage and ensure they are taken on schedule.

5. Encourage proper nutrition

Older people need to consume a variety of healthy foods, especially in the hot summertime. They should be reminded to eat many fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as foods that contain a lot of water, like watermelon and cucumber. They should drink less caffeine and alcohol because these drinks can make them lose water. It might be good for them to talk with a food specialist who can give advice that fits their own needs.

6. Stay connected with them

Being alone can be problematic for older people in the summer. Hence, it is the responsibility of the family member to ensure that someone is always there with them. Also, the family should keep in touch with the elderly by visiting him or her, calling on the phone, or talking over video chat. Encourage participation in community events or social gatherings to promote interaction and combat loneliness. Hiring a home care provider can be a great option. However, ensure that you have hired the best home care provider in Croydon to look after the elderly.

7. Be aware of warning signs

Family members should be aware of signs to spot when the elderly are getting sick from the heat, like heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Look for signs like sweating a lot, feeling dizzy, being nauseous, having a fast heart rate, and not thinking clearly. When you see such signs, act quickly to lower their temperature and get medical help if it’s needed. This is why having a professional caregiver by the side of the elderly is very important.

8. Consider professional home care services

Providing care and support to your old family members is not that easy and is a difficult job if you are not trained enough. Think about getting the services of expert home care in Croydon. Well-known home care companies provide help that is designed for each older person’s special requirements, such as helping with day-to-day activities, medicine management, being a friend for them, and other things. By using these services, you can make sure that your family members get all the help they need to remain secure and healthy throughout the summer season.


Looking after old people in the UK when it’s summer means planning and thinking carefully about what they specifically need. If you pay heed to advice from specialists and get help from professional home care providers in Croydon, you’ll be able to make sure that your older family members are secure, well, and at ease during all of the summertime. Make sure you drink enough water, stay cool, think carefully about when to do things outside, check on medicines, make sure they eat well, keep in touch with them, watch out for any signs of problems and get help from professionals if it’s necessary. Taking good care and being attentive will help your older family members or friends have a pleasant summer while reducing the dangers that come with high temperatures. If you are looking for the best care providers in Croydon, then you can get in touch with Priory Care Services.

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