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  • Do you need a helping hand for complicated domestic chores?
  • Do you need to go out and get social with your peers?
  • Do you need help recovering from an illness?

Well, you are just in the right place. At Priory Care Services, we believe in creating an experience that delivers joy and relief at the same time. Through our consistent support and dedication, we give you the lifestyle you desire without making you lose your independence. Our services are flexible and crafted around your special needs. We conduct a thorough need assessment and gather information from your family members, relatives, doctors, specialists and friends to take a personalized approach towards your well being. On that context, check out what services we can provide you with:

Daily Home Care

From getting up in the morning to going to bed, you will be accompanied by our sincere and dedicated daily home care staff. Your personal in-home carer will make sure you do not have to trouble yourself with the complicated domestic tasks. You will have daily home care companion, a domestic helper and a caring nurse to help you live your life just the way you want. If you have special issues, those will be taken into account when delivering services. At Priory Care, we are pretty flexible regarding the services we provide. Talk to us and let us know about your special requirements.

Day and Night Care

The comfort of someone watching over you at night evokes some kind of relief. You can fall asleep with the feeling that you will be taken good care of in case of emergencies. Our carers at Priory Care are experienced and certified professionals reputed in delivering exceptional day and night care services to the elderly and the sick. They will read out to you, tuck you up and do every needful to give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Social and Holiday Care

Need to be out there? We will run all the errands for you, pay your bills, help you draw your pension, take you to the hair-dresser, accompany you on your shopping trips and even take you for movies or clubbing. In fact, we will accompany you to everywhere you need to be. Do you want to go on a holiday? Our social and holiday caregivers is here to assist you with the domestic cleaning and laundry if need be.

Domestic Support

Besides looking after you, our professional domestic support carers will also look after your property and help you with the daily chores. Whether it is cleaning or washing, preparing meals or helping you take your medicines on time, we are adept at everything. Our focus is not just on your physical health but your mental peace as well. Accordingly, we provide services that cater to your individual needs.

24x7 Respite and Convalescent Care

At Priory Care, we offer 24x7 respite and convalescent care support for those recovering from illness, accident, complicated treatment and any other adverse situation in their lives. During these times, you are always in need of a companion, who would look after you just like your closest ones. It is okay if they are not there for some reason. Our carers will make you feel no less. With our support and love, you will slowly get better with time.

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