How to Convince the Elderly to Accept Domiciliary Care Services? -Top Tips

Tips to Persuade the Elderly to Accept Care Services

Old age is a phase when a person becomes dependent on others. Due to a lack of muscle strength, physical weakness, and other chronic problems, elderly people lack the confidence to even take a stroll alone. They always want to be guided and supported by someone. Generally, elderly people want their near and dear ones to be by their side; however, genuinely, this is extremely tough, except in one or two events. If your elderly parent is in such a condition and someone needs to be by his or her side 24/7, then it is better to contact a domiciliary care agency for their home care services.

The problem, however, is elsewhere; not every elderly person takes this easily, and he or she tends to get angry when a stranger plays the role of a carer. If you are also facing such a situation, then you can take a look at some of the tips that have been shared here.

Tips to Convince Elderly Parents to Accept Domiciliary Care Services

Convincing the elderly may not cross your mind when you book a domiciliary service, but later you might be taken aback if you see your parent reacting to it. Hence, you should never take this decision in haste. Here are some of the top tips that you can take a look at in order to accomplish the task of convincing your elderly parent.

#1. Asses the requirements

Before you plan to hire a carer for your elderly parent, and propose the idea to them, ensure that he or she really need domiciliary caregivers. Keep a watch on the elderly for some time, and try to understand what problems he or she is facing. If you find that he or she is finding it challenging to dress up, keep himself or herself neat, forget to eat, or stay unruly, then it is a sure-shot sign that he or she need support and assistance.

Only after you assess the needs will you be in a position to understand which domiciliary care agency to approach to hire caregivers who will meet your parents’ caregiving needs.

#2. Keep patience

After you understand that the elderly need help, proposing to him or her the idea of hiring a carer would be the best decision. The elderly may have trouble agreeing with you; one thing you should keep in mind is not to force him or her. Definitely, such changes in life are difficult to accept, so do give him or her adequate time. Address his or her concerns and answer the questions with patience and understanding. It is always wise to be in his or her shoes when you are taking this idea to the elderly person and understanding the persons perspective. Eventually, he or she may agree after a certain point, so keep your patience.

#3. Consult

Discussions are very important in this case. So, it’s best if you talk about the plan with your elderly parent and other family members. Pay heed to their opinions, and the best would be if you are able to make a unified decision. Consulting helps the elderly open up, and when they find that their opinion is respected, they may be positive about the whole thing. So, choose to consult.

#4. Go slowly

Making a hasty decision can land you in trouble. Especially when it comes to hiring a carer for the elderly, you need to take it slow. First, you have to choose the right caregiver. To help the elderly get accustomed to the caregiver, it would be best that for a while you just hire them for a short duration per day. Then, after understanding the need, hire them according to your parents’ needs. As the days pass, you may find that your parent has struck a good rapport with the carer, so it is all about time.

Take away

If you are keeping a caregiver for your elderly parents, then it would be best that you first ensure that they are okay with it. In fact, you must take their opinion into account because, after all, it will be them who will have the most interaction with the caregiver. Following these points to convince them can show you the way. If you are based in Croydon or Kingston Upon Thames and looking for the best domiciliary care agency, then you can get in touch with Priory Care Services.