How Day & Night Caregivers Can Help the Elderly With Dementia?

Day & Night Caregivers

Family members living with elderly dementia patients know how after a certain point it becomes difficult to manage them and keep them safe. Safety becomes a major issue. This is because it may not be possible for family members to be with the elderly who has dementia 24 hours because of other responsibilities. A dementia patient will require help with eating, maintaining hygiene, sleeping and other things. Further, they should not be left alone because of confusion, sundowning, and inability to express emotion, and after a certain point needs to be monitored around the clock. So, if you have an elderly loved one at home who is struggling with dementia, he/she should be taken care of day and night. And, if there is no one to take care of him/her, it is important that you hire a caregiver who can offer both day and night care services.

Now, when it comes to dealing with a dementia patient, you should always hire caregivers who are experienced. If you live in Croydon and need day and night care services in Croydon, make sure to hire a caregiver who is qualified for the job.

Top Ways Day and Night Caregivers Can Help Elderly Dementia Patients

Find out how day and night caregivers can help your elderly loved one dealing with dementia.


Dementia patients’ sense of judgement and memory become poor over time. Therefore, the person naturally becomes prone to accidents and wounds himself/herself easily. Safety, thus, becomes a huge issue when an elderly becomes a patient of dementia, as he/she often have bouts of confusion and wander away without a sense of direction, and even get lost. Thus, 24/7 such a patient should be kept under proper vigilance, and hiring a day and night caregiver can solve this problem. As they can keep a check on them, make the environment safe for elderly patients and etc.

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Help with sundowning

Patients with dementia in all forms can suffer from sundowning, which is a set of symptoms that get triggered during the late afternoon or early evening. The symptoms include agitation, aggression, anxiety, agitation, resistance, pacing, wandering, yelling, visual hallucinations and more. Dealing with these can be very troublesome for family members, therefore, a caregiver who is trained to handle such patients should always be present.

Help to maintain a routine

One way to deal with dementia patients is by keeping them in a routine. Caregivers know how to create a proper routine for dementia patients taking into consideration all the basic activities that they need to perform daily. Thus, for bathing, eating, dressing and other activities there should be time allotted for each task. This way the patients stay under proper guidance and stay safe and healthy.
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Help to maintain hygiene

Due to forgetfulness, dementia patients tend to go blank, and their condition can be so bad that they can forget about maintaining hygiene. In that case, if no one helps, they will stay in the same attire continuously for days, and may not brush or take a bath. Thus, a caregiver should be there to help them, and maintain proper hygiene, and keep them clean.


Dementia patients require continuous care and support. Thus, hiring an experienced professional caregiver to look after them day and night, is one of the best decisions family members of the patients can make. A good and compassionate caregiver will show eagerness to help the patient in every way. So, if you are not sure and worried about whether it will actually be a great decision to hire a caregiver. Then, you should always hire caregivers from a reputable centre. If you are in Croydon and need help you can approach Priory Care for their reliable day and night care services in Croydon.