How Caregivers Can Help the Elderly Suffering From Depression? – Find Out

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Depression issues are not often acknowledged and are overlooked by the patient’s family members. It is a mental condition that should be treated at the earliest. The elderly, due to the feeling of deep emptiness, and loneliness in their lives, often slip into depression, and some even develop suicidal tendencies. Such cases of depression are rising, in fact, it has become one of the most common mental diseases, and approximately 7.7 million adults who are aged 55 or older have confirmed that they have experienced depression in the UK. The struggle with depression is not easy to cope with; hence, it is important to be by the patient’s side and keep him or her under good care. And when it is an elderly person, it becomes more challenging for the family members because old age comes with more than one disease. Hence, there should be someone who is trained and knowledgeable. If you want to hire a caregiver, make sure that you contact a top domiciliary care agency.

Top 4 Ways Caregivers Can Help Seniors Suffering From Depression

Having someone who is experienced and, most importantly, trained can be a great blessing for the family members of an elderly patient who is struggling with depression. The caregivers can help in multiple ways.

Encourages to find purpose in life

When an aged person loses his or her sense of purpose in life, coping with depression becomes increasingly difficult. To restore the meaning of life in the life of a senior, it is necessary to expose them to their interests and pastimes, engage them in games, make him/her perform exercises that they used to enjoy, and so on. Professional caregivers are educated to handle such old folks and understand how to instil a sense of purpose in them.

Works as a support system

As a person ages, he or she loses physical strength and often lives a restricted life due to limited mobility. This reduces the person’s ability to see friends and relatives as frequently as they used to, thus they are already lonely. As a result, when a person falls into depression, his or her life becomes more unhappy. To assist an aged person suffering from depression, establish a support structure for him or her and make him or her feel cheerful and confident. Professional caregivers can provide invaluable assistance and guarantee that the older person spends his or her time cheerfully.

However, often elderly refuse to accept help from outsiders, in that case, you need to persuade them in the right manner. Here are some tips for you to convince the elderly to accept caregiver services.

Diet management and medicine

Doctor-prescribed medications must be taken on time, and if they are left to an elderly patient suffering from depression, no solution will be found. Having a care provider by the patient’s side is vital because he or she can take care of the medications and guarantee the patient takes them on time every day. Hiring a professional care provider would also be advantageous because he or she can prepare nutritious meals for the elderly and ensure that a proper diet is maintained. They can also help with other household tasks such as dishwashing, laundry, and errands. If you require such comprehensive domiciliary care services, make sure to contact the best domiciliary care agencies for hiring trained caregivers.

Social interactions

Social connections can quickly lift the spirits of an elderly person who is down. Allowing him or her to express pent-up feelings relieves the emotional weight. According to studies, maintaining an active social life helps to enhance a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health, which is critical for an aged person suffering from depression. Hiring a daily professional care provider can be a terrific decision since he or she can encourage and arrange situations for the elderly to return to an active social life, as the caregiver can take him or her out for a stroll and help the elderly meet old acquaintances.


A support provider can be of great help in an elderly’s life it can bring peace to the family members of the person. The reason behind this is that you as a child of an elderly parent will definitely want to provide the best care to your mother or father, and hence leaving your parents in the care of outsiders can be unsettling for you. However, when you know that he or she is in good hands, then the peace returns. So, if you are stressed out thinking you are unable to take care of your elderly who is reeling from depression, you can take a simple decision which is to hire a trained and licensed in-home caregiver. If you are based out of Croydon, or Kingston Upon Thames, then you can get in touch with Priory Care Services, which is one the best domiciliary care agencies.