Debunking 5 Myths About Elderly Domiciliary Care Services

Busting 5 Myths About Elderly Domiciliary Care Services

When it comes to hiring domiciliary care agencies for elderly people, many patients’ family members get concerned because of the false rumours that surround such services. However, old age is also a time when it becomes difficult to take care of the elderly. This is because one needs to be an expert and know how to tackle the elderly. For family members, time becomes another great problem. Hence, hiring a caregiver becomes reasonable.

It is preferable to employ a caregiver if you or anybody else at home is unable to take care of an older loved one who lives at home and needs adequate care because of a lack of time. However, if you are not sure about this whole thing, and a number of preconceived notions are keeping you from taking this decision, then we have got your back! In this blog, we have busted some of the top myths about domiciliary care services and presented the facts about them.

#Myth 1: Only old persons who are unwell can get domiciliary care services

One of the top mistakes that many relatives of elderly people commit is this one. The reason behind this is that most people believe that hiring domiciliary care is beneficial only when older people are really ill. However, it is important to understand that domiciliary care includes both medical and non-medical services. Therefore, it may be tailored to an old person’s needs as well as those of senior individuals who are very ill. As a result, you may engage domestic caregivers to make meals, perform errands, clean the house, and more.

However, be sure you only employ licensed and experienced domestic helpers. Make sure to contact the best domiciliary care agencies in Croydon if you reside there and need assistance.

If you want to know how to hire a top domiciliary care agency, then here are a few tips that you can take a look at.

#Myth 2: Caregivers are unreliable and do not provide proper care

One of the most prevalent fallacies that people hold to is this one. They frequently believe that their money will be wasted because only a few caregivers are honest in their work and provide the elderly with adequate care. This is untrue. On the other hand, if you choose the right carers, you can discover that they are devoted, diligent, and really concerned for the welfare of old people. As a result of their initial motivation to assist the elderly, carers constantly strive to do their duties with compassion. But you need to be certain that you’ve hired assistance from a reputable home care business that only links you with licenced caregivers.

#Myth 3: In-home care services are a temporary solution

Domiciliary care services, in the opinion of many, are only necessary as a temporary measure before an old person is transferred to a care home. This is not the case, though; if you engage a dependable caregiver who is equipped to provide all forms of assistance, you may simply appoint them for an extended period of time.

In fact, in a study by Consultus Care & Nursing, it was found that 97% of elderly people in the UK prefer home care services to other forms of care.

#Myth 4: Domiciliary care services are expensive

Even before finding out how much elderly home care services cost, the majority of family members avoid using them because they believe they are too expensive. However, one should be aware that, in comparison to nursing homes, home care is more affordable. In general, domiciliary caregivers bill an hourly rate with no additional fees. As a result, you will only need to pay for what you need. The services can also be customized. You will be responsible for additional charges, including food, medical expenses, and lodging in the nursing home situation.

#Myth 5: The elderly who have family caregivers are not eligible for domiciliary care services

Families may believe that taking care of the elderly is only their responsibility. However, everyone must do their fair share of labour at the end of the day. Additionally, taking care of the elderly is difficult. To deliver the best care, you might require the appropriate education and training, and here is where a professional caregiver can assist.


These are a few of the myths that are frequently associated with home healthcare services and cause individuals to steer clear of them. But in actuality, they aren’t true, and they’re actually quite useful. Let go of your inhibitions, engage domiciliary caregivers, and see the peace of mind you get if you are unable to properly care for an older loved one. But keep in mind that you should only work with the best caregivers if you want the best assistance. Therefore, Priory Care Services is a top domiciliary care agency that can help you if you need to employ domiciliary care providers in Croydon.