Why Hire Respite Caregivers for Seniors With Cerebral Palsy?

respite caregivers for seniors

Senior people living with cerebral palsy face many problems in their daily life. Also, they tend to suffer from a high rate of chronic health conditions in their lifetime, risk of musculoskeletal complications increases and more problems may show up. Unfortunately, this is a disease that was thought to only affect children. In reality however, the picture speaks a different story, numerous seniors are living with this condition. Unlike the early days, medical advancements today, however, acknowledge this medical condition in the elderly. The first and foremost thing that health carers recommend for such patients is continuous care and support for them. So, if you have an elderly who is suffering from cerebral palsy, then you need to take care of them 24/7. Now, with a lot of work pressure, it may not be possible. So, it is best to hire in-home care services.

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Top Ways Respite Caregivers Can Help Elderly With Cerebral Palsy

Here, we have mentioned some of the top ways in which they can help.

Mobility Assistance

Many elderly people suffering from cerebral palsy may have bone deformities and muscle abnormalities. Such patients require support to do even basic work, so if you or any family members are unable to help them, then it is best to hire in-home caregivers. This way you can assure they get the mobility assistance to carry out their daily routine work.

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Help With Eating

Seniors who live with cerebral palsy have swallowing difficulties known as dysphagia. This happens because cerebral palsy affects the central nervous system, and other motor functions. So, some elderly with this problem find it extremely painful to eat a certain type of food. Now, to stay healthy, elderly people need to eat nutritious food. For family members, it may not be possible to feed such patients. Therefore, trained caregivers are required. Thus, if you have a loved one who is suffering from such a condition, then you should hire a respite caregiver.

Medication Management

Most elderly with cerebral palsy may have a certain medical condition, which needs to be treated with medication. Further, with age, even individuals with no serious health conditions can develop problems for which they are prescribed medicines. So, your loved one may be on many medicines, which they have to intake at the proper time. Without help, a cerebral palsy patient will simply be unable to take the medicines themselves, and they suffer from malnutrition. So, if there is no one to help them, then you should hire respite care service providers. They can offer the best support, and take care of medication management.

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Preventing Emergency

A cerebral palsy patient can face an emergency anytime as they suffer from severe mobility issues and other conditions. Therefore, someone must be there to take care of them. Having a dedicated home care provider would be of great help as they can keep the surroundings safe for the elderly, and also support them while preventing falls and accidents.


These are some of the ways in which your loved one suffering from cerebral palsy life can get a bit easier with the right care and support. Right respite caregivers are knowledgeable, trained and experts in handling such patients. Therefore, once you hire them you can have the peace of mind that they are getting the right attention. So, what is essential is that you hire a good respite caregiver. If you live in Croydon and looking for respite care services in Croydon, then you can get in touch with Priory Care Services.