What Should You Do to Prevent Malnutrition in Elderly?

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With ageing, seniors develop several types of problems and appetite loss is one of them. Chronic medical conditions, taking certain medication, and even mental health problems can lead to poor nutrition in seniors. If your senior is refusing to take his or her meals properly, it can be worrisome and might require medical intervention. Talking to the doctor can help you understand the reason underlying this problem. To help your senior increase his or her appetite, the doctor might even prescribe some medicines and along with handing over a diet chart. But how do you make sure that your senior is following the diet chart? With you busy with work, who will take care of his nutritional needs? This is where hiring a care provider in Croydon can be of great help. Keep reading to know more. 

What a Carer Do to Prevent Malnutrition in Your Elderly?

Cooking nutritious meals – Based on the diet chart given by the dietician or doctor, the care worker can cook nutritious meals for your senior. Generally speaking, a senior’s healthy meal must comprise lean protein, green vegetables, and fruits, low-fat dairy and whole grains. Moreover, the servings are measured and given by the carer as per the body and age of your senior thereby helping them maintain a healthy weight. To help you senior get the best out of the nutritious meals, the carer can encourage your senior to give up on junk and high-calorie foods. 

Using herbs in cooking – Seniors can at times refuse to take their meals due to their bland taste. To enhance their appeal, the care worker can add important herbs and spices while cooking your senior’s meals. Not only are these spices create tasty meals, but they also improve body functions. While ginger facilitates easy digestion, garlic can help fight flu and cold. When given in moderation, these ingredients can manage the overall health of your elderly. 

Monitoring liquid intake – Drinking plenty of water is surely important to keep your senior hydrated. But do you know liquid intake before the meal time can disturb his appetite? It might sound trivial but monitoring even these slightest activities can contribute to the wellness of your elderly. For this reason, we say you hire a professional from one of the care agencies in CroydonAs they keep an eye on all requirements, the experts can as well help your senior control water intake around the mealtime. 

Making mealtime interesting – Eating alone is quite depressing for any elderly who is already fighting age-related isolation. However, with a carer around, your senior will feel less lonely. The care professional can make his mealtime interesting by uniquely arranging the table. If your senior likes music, the carer can play some while he is enjoying his meals. Or to give him company, the carer can simply sit beside your elderly and chit chat with him during the mealtime. 

Conclusion – If your loving senior is suffering from malnutrition and losing weight, you should consult with a doctor. But to ensure that he is following all the instructions diligently and without fail, regular monitoring is essential. For this reason, we suggest you stay stress-free by hiring one of the home care providers Croydon. With a carer around, your senior will find it easy to follow all rules and stay healthy.