What Can Carers Do to Help Seniors Fight Chronic Constipation?

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Do you know older adults are more likely to suffer from constipation than younger adults? This can due to several reasons like intake of different drugs and supplements, reduced water consumption, restricted physical activities, an underactive thyroid, and so on. No matter what your age is, constipation dampens the spirit of life. But for seniors, the problems snowball as they are already suffering from several other health problems. To ensure the overall wellbeing of your weak & vulnerable senior, you can always hire tailored care services from a home care agency. Want to know how a care expert helps your senior stay healthy and disciplined? Keep reading.

5 ways the carer can help your senior fight constipation

Following up with the doctor – Suffering from constipation, your senior might need to consume laxatives for smooth bowel movements. But, no medicine should be administered to the senior without consulting the doctor. Active and fastidious, the carer can book an appointment with the doctor and discuss laxative options for your senior with him. Keeping busy with work, you can always rely on the care worker to visit the doctor’s chamber and even take your senior to the doctor’s appointment.

Foods to reduce constipation – Taking laxative medicines alone will not help unless the daily diet of your senior is packed with nutrition and enough fibre. Consuming beans, lentils, peas, spinach, and other greens can soften bowels and aid digestion. Does your senior love to have fruits? Make sure he or she is having enough citrus, figs, kiwi, apples, and pears. From getting the groceries to cooking healthy vegetables, the home care provider in Croydon can take care of your senior’s food intake and nutrition needs single-handedly.

Encouraging daily exercising – To keep the body systems healthy and functional, your senior needs to exercise daily. Even exercising 20-minutes a day will provide the right exertion, increase blood flow to your digestive tract, and promote bowel stimulation. With a care worker at help for 24/7, your senior will feel more confident to exercise and even go out for a stroll in the park. Moreover, daily exercising offers several other benefits such as increased metabolism, improved bone health, and weight loss.

Helping to stay relaxed – It has been observed that stress plays a critical role in encouraging constipation in seniors. Yes, you read that right! Hormones released due to stress can inflame the gastrointestinal tract, increase constipation, and affect other bodily processes. By spending time with your senior and keeping him engaged with fun activities, the care professional can help your elderly overcome loneliness and create sweet memories. Spending good times certainly contributes to mental health as well as alleviation of stress.

Following the ‘don’t’ list – Committed to your senior’s wellbeing, the care worker can be quite strict about following the right rules. No matter how much your senior likes processed food, the professional will never allow him to take foods that might lead to constipation. The expert might even monitor beverage intake of your senior to keep dehydration and constipation at bay. As a result, you can be assured of the fact that the responsibility of your senior is in safe and experienced hands.

Conclusion – Do you want to hire a professional from a home care agency for your senior? Experienced and well-trained, care experts remain vigilant and offer high-quality care services to keep your senior healthy, both mentally and physically.