Ways a Caregiver Can Take Care of an Elderly With Eczema

How a Caregiver Can Help an Elderly With Eczema

Unlike youth, when the skin is elastic, moisturised, and firm; old age wrinkles the skin, the loss of lipids underneath the skin at this point makes it dry, loose, and thin. As the skin loses its integrity, skin is left to skin issues such as eczema. Also, other factors contribute to such problems, for instance, malnutrition, sun exposure, and more. Whatever is the reason, the problem lies elsewhere, the elderly who develops this disease go through a tough time. Intolerable itchiness, rashes, and other problems make it hard for them to live in peace. Therefore, to manage this skin condition, besides the doctor’s treatment, at home, someone should always keep a check on the elderly person. Since the immediate response to itchiness is scratching, it can lead to skin cuts and infections in some areas. Thus, if an elderly loved one is in your house, it is important that you help him or her manage this disease, and offer the care he/she deserves.

We understand that it may not be possible for you to be by his/her side 24/7, due to work, and other responsibilities. This is where you can enlist the help of the care providers. However, make sure that you hire caregivers from top domiciliary care agencies for best results.

Top Ways Care Providers Can Help Elderly People With Eczema

Skin diseases such as eczema in the elderly need to be cared for intensely to make sure that the disease does not progress rapidly. This is what a good caregiver can ensure. However, let’s check out in what ways he/she can manage to keep the disease under control.

Assist in maintaining personal hygiene

Many elderly people due to their fragile health, are unable to keep themselves clean and hygienic. Also, they are required to maintain certain restrictions when they get such a disease, for instance, in eczema, they must not take a hot bath, since heat will end up drying the skin, and the condition will be aggravated. Thus, it is essential to maintain a strict personal hygiene routine. Definitely, an elderly is not able to take care of such a skincare routine; therefore, a trained caregiver at home would be of immense help.

However, make sure that the caregiver is qualified. To hire an expert caregiver, you can contact any of the top domiciliary care agencies.

Daily medication management

Doctors prescribe ointments for application and other medications that are required to be taken by the elderly person regularly. Since, with age, memory degrades, it is important that the elderly person is reminded of the medicine every day. Thus, if a family member is not able to find time, a caregiver would be ideal at this point, as he/she would assist the elderly in daily consuming the medicines.

Help to follow restrictions

Since this condition can quickly aggravate, some restrictions may be asked to be followed. For instance, an elderly person may be asked by the doctor to use unscented soaps, or fabric softeners to prevent extreme inflammations. Therefore, replacing regular soaps with medicated ones, using skin-friendly fabric softeners, or using none if safe alternative is not available. Also, make sure that the elderly wear only cotton clothes as some synthetic fibres may harm the skin, and escalate the skin condition.

You can understand that only with the help of a constant caregiver can such things be carefully followed. A caregiver knows what to do, and can ensure that the elderly is following these small but important restrictions.

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Firstly, an elderly person with eczema should be immediately provided with medical treatment. The next steps are all about care: how you keep him/her, ensuring he/she is taking or applying the medicine regularly, and more. Therefore, either you or someone from the family needs to be there with such a patient. However, that may not be possible, and this is why you can hire a domiciliary caregiver. A caregiver from a top domiciliary care agency can offer knowledgeable help. If you are based in Croydon or Kingston Upon Thames, then you can get in touch with Priory Care Services.