Top Ways Day & Night Caregivers Can Help Patients With Bed Sores

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Ill elderly patients are often advised to stay rested for a prolonged period of time. Not only they are advised but some of them by the time they grow old lose the ability to move about. So, they become bedridden for an indefinite period. Sometimes in such patients, bed sores show up, and add more pain to their already painful life. To prevent such a situation, it is needful to have someone always by the side of the elderly who is bedridden. The experienced caregiver knows how to take care of bedridden patients, and keep them in the best condition that is possible. Now, if you have a bedridden patient in your house, then you must avail of day and night care services, as then someone would be there to keep a check on the elderly individual.

To help you understand how caregivers can help to prevent bedsores, here we have shared with you all the important points.

What are Bed Sores?

Bed sores also called pressure ulcers form when the skin and underlying tissue in a particular area are damaged. Now, ultimately this becomes an open wound, and blood started flowing interruptedly to this part of the skin tissue. There can be different reasons for the following.

  • Lying or sitting in a position for a long time, as this can put huge pressure on the skin
  • When the skin is subjected to friction, and the body is rubbed or dragged against a surface
  • When the body slips down a bed or chair, and as a result, the shearing of the skin occurs. This further results in the skin getting pulled away from the supportive underneath tissues.

Top Ways to Prevent Bedsore in Bedridden Elderly

If you have elderly parents who live in Kingston Upon Thames and have for a long time been bedridden, then it is suggested that you hire a day and night care in Kingston Upon Thames. This is because they can help to prevent such a condition with proper measures. Here, are some of the ways in which caregivers help to prevent bed sores in patients.

Changes the position of the patient every two hours

One of the main reasons why bedridden elderly patients get sores is because they stay in the same position on the bed for a prolonged period of time. By hiring day and night care services you can keep your parents under good care, as they will ensure that the elderly patient’s position is changed every two hours, and this will prevent soreness.

Cleans the skin frequently and keeps it moisturised

It is essential to keep the patient’s skin well moisturised and hydrated. Therefore, applying the right creams is necessary routinely. A caregiver can help by applying such medicated cream at the right time, and keeping them bathed and clean. Therefore, the patient’s skin is not dried, and inflammation and sores can be easily prevented.

Reduces the pressure on the skin with speciality bedding

For bedridden seniors, their skin is subjected to undue pressure. This causes interrupted blood flow to the parts, which get inflamed. To avoid this extra pressure on the skin of the elderly, water mattresses, and cushioned foam pillows are used by caregivers to keep the skin protected from the sore.

Cooks healthy and nutritious diet

While there is no direct link between malnutrition and bed sores, it is true that if a person does not get the right nutrition, then the healing process will slow down, and the skin will not regenerate. Caregivers can help to fix this issue by preparing nutritious foods for the elderly and feeding them from time to time.

So, if you are someone whose elderly loved one resides in Kingston Upon Thames, then you should hire the best day and night care in Kingston Upon Thames.


Bedsores can be extremely painful for elderly people; therefore, they should not get them in the first place. However, sometimes lack of adequate care can lead a bedridden elderly to suffer from bed sores. This is why it is best to avail of day and night care services from top service providers. So, if you live in Kingston Upon Thames, and looking for caregivers who can take care of your elderly parents, and knows how to prevent and treat bed sores, then you can contact Priory Care Services.