Top Tips to Persuade an Elderly to Accept Domiciliary Care Services

4 Ways to Convince a Senior to Accept Domiciliary Care Services

In the United Kingdom, the ageing population is on the rise. According to UK statistics, the proportion of people aged 65 and over is projected to increase from 18% in 2016 to 24% by 2046. With this demographic shift, the demand for domiciliary care services in the UK is growing rapidly. However, persuading the elderly to accept these services can be a challenging endeavour. A majority of senior citizens still do not approve of in-home care services or care services at all. If you have an elderly parent or a relative who lives with you or is alone and needs caregivers but is refusing to accept the help, here are some tips for you in the blog.

Plus, it is also important to inform you that you should always hire trained and licensed caregivers for the best services. So, make sure that you contact a top domiciliary care agency to hire a qualified caregiving professional.

Simple Tips to Convince Seniors to Accept Home Care Services

It could be very tough for you to persuade elderly parents to accept assistance and care from strangers. Here, we’ve provided a few tips to help you convince them to accept the care services.

Understanding their needs

Understanding each older person’s unique needs is the first step in convincing them to accept home care services. The major obstacles to acceptance that are listed by the family members of such elderly people are anxiety about maintaining independence and concerns about the standard of care. You can effectively address these worries by having candid and sympathetic interactions with your loved one.

Discuss with them the benefits of care services

Receiving home care services for seniors frequently results in an improvement in quality of life, a decrease in hospitalizations, and an improvement in general well-being. Pass this information on to your loved ones, stressing how domiciliary care can support their independence and well-being. Plus, also discuss with them the services that are offered under the care plans, and how they will be beneficial for the loved one.

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For the best domiciliary care services, you need knowledgeable caregivers. To hire such expert caregivers, you can get in touch with a top domiciliary care agency.


Although you may recognize that your aging parents need assistance, you cannot impose the concept on them. Pay attention to your patients’ questions, doubts, and concerns and address them appropriately. You must consider the matter from their point of view and give them time to become used to your suggestion once you make it. You can persuade them by becoming pleasant to them.

Arrange a meeting with the caregivers

Introduce the prospective carers to your loved one so they may get to know each other. This closeness on a personal level can allay fears and foster feelings of safety and security. Next, start with a few hours of assistance per week and gradually increase the hours as needed. Seniors are more likely to accept this change if it occurs gradually. Hence, help them to get familiarize with the services, and take one step at a time.

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Take away

These are some of the best recommendations you can make to persuade your elderly parents to embrace home care services. However, as a responsible child or family member, you must make sure the domiciliary caregiver you are hiring is qualified, trained, and experienced in providing care for elderly people. You can now contact Priory Care Services, a top domiciliary care agency, if your elderly loved one resides in Kingston Upon Thames and you are looking for a domiciliary caregiver in Kingston Upon Thames for him or her.