Top Tips From Experts to Manage Arthritis in the Elderly

In the UK, approximately 10 million persons have arthritis. It is a health condition where the patient experiences inflammation and stiffness in their joints. Generally, these problems have negative impacts on the lives of the patients, as they limit their mobility. We are aware of your struggles if you are caring for an older patient with severe arthritis at your home. Keeping a watch on them and taking care of household chores can be an upheaval task. To help you manage them properly, here are some of the top tips from carers offering domestic support services.

Check out these suggestions to learn some of the best methods to care for an older arthritic sufferer.

Experts’ Tips to Take Care of Elderly Suffering From Arthritis

Old age is a phase when an individual experiences several health problems. Now, when they also get arthritis, it tends to get worse for them. Usually, such patients become fully dependent on another person.

#1. Understand their concern

It is extremely essential to pay attention to the problems of an elderly patient who is suffering from arthritis. So, if you are a family member, then communicate with your loved one and do as required. One should always be available to fulfil the patient’s requests.

#2. Keep in touch with doctors

It is crucial to take an elderly patient with arthritis in for a regular check-up at the doctor’s office. Plus, the carer in the family should also keep in constant touch with the doctor who reports on the health of the elderly. This will help keep the patient’s health condition in check.

#3. Ensure the elderly are exercising regularly

Healthcare providers often recommend exercise for arthritis patients since it is the most suitable form of treatment for this condition. If you are a family member of such a patient, you should make sure that the elderly is exercising daily as recommended by the health physician. If you are unable to give them company, then you can hire a care provider for the best domestic support services.

#4. Medication management should be done properly

The doctor may prescribe some medicines, but as a carer, you need to keep in mind on behalf of the patient when to take the medicines. We all know that as we grow older, medicines become a part of our lives. Hence, you must remember that to keep your elderly healthy, skipping medicines will be a great mistake.

#5. Proper diet must be maintained

Next, ensure that the elderly are getting enough nutrition to keep them strong and healthy. You can consult a dietician before you settle on the diet chart for the patient. Since elderly people often do not suffer from a singular health problem, it is important to know what they are allergic to, what they should avoid for certain health conditions, and more. All these would help give you the best result. Also, you can take a look at what makes an ideal arthritis diet chart here.

#6. Hire professional help

While you can always take care of your loved one, chances are that you have your share of work, social life, and other areas to take care of. Balancing both areas is a tough job because there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Plus, some expertise and knowledge are a must when you take care of the elderly. To ensure that your elderly loved one is safe and taken proper care of, you can hire a care provider.

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Take away

An elderly arthritis patient can feel helpless because of their condition. Further, since arthritis cannot be curable, it becomes more of a problem. There are always chances of facing accidents, falling, and sudden spikes in pain. Hence, it is important that, as a family member, you know how you can take care of the elderly person or hire an experienced carer for domestic support services. If you are looking for qualified care services, Priory Care Services