Top 5 Benefits of Home Care for Elderly Seniors Living with Diabetes

Top 5 Benefits of Home Care for Elderly Seniors Living with Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems faced by older adults. Caring for an elderly with diabetes is no easy task. It involves many things, from checking their blood sugar levels to giving them the medication on time. Moreover, they also need healthy nutrition and more physical activity to manage their condition well. It can sometimes be overwhelming for a family caregiver to help with all this. Hire a professional and experienced domiciliary care worker in Croydon to ensure your loved senior member of the family gets the best care possible.

Below, let us look at how home caregivers can help with diabetic seniors.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Regularly checking the blood glucose level is crucial in managing diabetes. But for seniors living alone, they may face problems in checking their blood sugar. A lack of dexterity can make using the glucose meter difficult, or it could be impaired vision which prevents them from reading the results. A home caregiver can help your elderly in checking their blood glucose levels regularly. They can keep a log of all the readings taken and review if the condition is stable or not.

Medication Management

For patients who are prescribed insulin injections, a trained caregiver can help them in administering their daily injections. Like checking blood sugar levels, diabetic seniors may also face problems with taking their daily dosage of medicines. Sometimes, a patient just forgets to take their pills. Caregivers can keep a track of the daily medicines that need to be taken and ensure that each pill is taken on time. Along with the insulin, they can also monitor other oral drugs.

Manage Increased Vulnerabilities

Diabetes is not only about high blood sugar, it can have long-term effects on a patient’s quality of life. High diabetes can lead to damaged nerves in the feet, impaired eyesight, or mobility problems. Such symptoms can increase the risk of accidental falls among older adults. By choosing home care services in Croydon, you can ensure your elderly is always under the supervision of a trained caregiver. They can help with simple tasks like walking, climbing stairs, reading emails, or transportation. It allows the senior to lead an independent lifestyle even with all the vulnerabilities of his health. 

Physical Activity

Getting daily exercise is one way to keep blood sugar levels in check. It also minimizes the chances of a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases, of which diabetic seniors are more prone to. With a daily caregiver at home, your elderly can go out for walks or do light exercise at home. An increase in physical activity will use up the blood sugar for more energy.

Meal Preparation

A healthy lifestyle is of prime importance to keep your diabetes in check. This includes nutritious and timely meals that are low in fat and carbs and high in fibre and protein. A domiciliary care worker in Croydon can help your elderly with grocery shopping, plan a healthy diet chart, and also prepare the meals. Eating healthy food can help greatly in managing diabetes.


Seniors suffering from diabetes who are living alone need extra care and attention. Choose home care services in Croydon for a trusted and reliable caregiver to look after your elderly at home. To hire someone, contact Priory Care Services.