Tips to Make a Halloween Party Less Scary for a Dementia Patient

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Are you planning a Halloween party at your home? That’s great. It will create a perfect occasion for a family get together. Moreover, with their loved ones close, your seniors are going to love this party. But remember, as you keep busy with party preparations, you should hire a home care provider in Croydon for looking after your seniors when you are out or occupied with a task. That being said, we know you want this party to be exciting, but do you remember dementia-like symptoms of your senior? If you are planning it to be too scary and spooky, then that might create an adverse impact on your senior’s mental health. But don’t worry, you needn’t cancel your party. All you have to do is read and follow the tips we share here. 

No scary shadows please! – Have you got scary and interesting costumes for everyone for the party? It is all right, but make sure there are enough lights in the room or the house. That is so because keeping lights to minimal can create confusions in your seniors thereby triggering their symptoms of dementia. So, you see, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone enjoys the party but never at the cost of your seniors’ wellbeing. 

No strange sounds – While you may think what’s a Halloween party without some creaking door sounds and ghostly laughter, but keep in mind that your seniors might not perceive all these positively. As much as the disturbing lights, odd sounds too can induce scare and anxiety in your seniors. If you do not want to make a trip to the hospital post-party, it is important that you do what’s non-harmful for your seniors. 

Keep candles away – Got bundles of candles for the party? Make sure they are not within the reach of your seniors. That is because when you have dementia patients at home, you should be extra careful about the placement and storage of explosive items. After all, nobody wants an accident at all, isn’t it? Even if you are busy at the party, ask the domiciliary care expert to keep an eye on your parents all the time. 

Limited candies – We agree that candy distribution is the best part about Halloween parties, but that does not mean you will let your seniors go casual about their diet. When not controlled, taking too many candies can cause indigestion and shoot up the sugar level. Keep the candies away after giving only some to your seniors. Depriving your seniors of their favourite candies is hurtful, however, it is for their wellbeing. Don’t you agree? 

Encourage participation – For healthy mental stimulations, you can encourage your seniors to take part in creative activities. From decorating the home and baking a tasty pumpkin pie to distributing candies to all children, they can surely play an active role in this party. This involvement will not only boost their mental health, but it lets your seniors create sweet memories with their near and dear ones. 

Wrapping it up – When you have dementia patients at home, you must become little cautious about Halloween party preparations. Now that you know the dos and don’ts, you can host a splendid Halloween part for your family.