Respite Care Services – Four Major Myths Busted Here

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Does your senior require assistance to perform his activities? As our parents begin aging, they become too feeble to move, walk, and even eat on their own. Due to memory loss, they often forget to take their medicines on time. Have you seen these problems plaguing your senior’s life? Then you have to do something about it. Although home care support is a viable care option today, people are often skeptical to hire one due to certain myths going around about it.

Let us tell you, respite care services in Croydon are growing in demand not without a reason. Many have hired these caregiving services and felt the difference on their own. The myths around home care assistance are mostly born from assumptions and spurious word-of-mouth information. In this write-up, we will familiarize you with the facts and bust the infamous myths.

Four major myths around respite and home care support busted:

1. Below average care services – Most people presume that the quality of care delivered by in-home carers is not at par with the assisted living or residential care facilities. This is information far from the truth. Reputed care agencies train their carers so that they can deliver the best quality assistance to the seniors and his family. They are thorough with prescription management and experienced enough to meet the particular needs of the patient.

2. Availed for the seniors only – Need an expert carer to look after your household chores? It is a wrong belief that domiciliary care agencies provide care services for seniors only. Instead, the in-home caregivers are capable of performing a range of tasks from washing utensils and doing laundry to running errands and cooking meals. Are you a caregiver to your elderly? Want some rest? Hire a home care help and ensure that the responsibilities of your senior and home are in trustable hands.

3. More expensive – Do you think respite care services are more expensive than a residential facility? That is just half of the story. By choosing in-home care, you get to select the duration of services thereby deciding the amount you are willing to pay. Whereas, in assisted living, the options are less flexible and you do not enjoy many prerogatives. Moreover, if you consider factors like care plan personalization, diverse services, domestic support, and independent living, hiring home care support creates a win-win situation for your family.

4. Restricts your senior at home – You are wrong to think that engaging in-home carers will confine your senior at home. Their scope of services goes beyond the walls of your home. Being experienced and trained, caregivers help your seniors maintain their steady lifestyle. They can take your senior out for a walk in the park, shopping, or attaining any social gathering. The core purpose of home care assistance is to instill an independent way of living. As such, the carers always ensure your senior enjoys his freedom despite being under supervision.


Now that you know the facts, are you convinced about hiring home care? It is always suggested that you collect information, seek clarifications, and check service features before hiring any respite care services in Croydon. All in all, do not let common myths misguide you and deprive your senior of personalized care. To avail of quality assistance within your budget, contact Priory Care Services.