Is Domiciliary Care Better than Residential Care? Find Out Here

domiciliary care

Are you planning on shifting your senior to a care home? Have you asked for his opinion? The thought of leaving his home and shifting to residential care can torment your senior more than helping him. Why make your seniors go through the feeling of abandonment when you can simply replace the option of residential care with domiciliary care? Unlike assisted living or residential care, when you hire domiciliary support, your senior receives care services right at his/her home. Today, both assisted living and home care services are good options for senior care. But the former cannot offer the comfort of your own home. Do you need more reasons to choose in-home care support for your elderly? Read our blog and make the right decision for your senior. 

What makes domiciliary care better than residential care? Here are some reasons. 

Customised care solutions – Most residential care facilities offer general and one-size-fits-all care services to meet the requirements of all seniors residing in the care home. However, personalised care is the most important offering of domiciliary assistance. From understanding the specific needs of your senior to curating a unique care plan, the in-home carers stand to provide only tailor-fit solutions. Needless to say, getting undivided care and attention is extremely reassuring for your senior. 

Get compatible carers – Do you know domiciliary care agencies perform compatibility screening before allotting a carer for your senior? This is needed to confirm that the chosen carer is dedicated and capable of meeting the specific needs of your elderly. On the other hand, there are very few chances of compatibility screening to be held in care home facilities. Moreover, you cannot expect one-on-one care for your senior at assisted living centres. 

Cost-effective solutions – Before you reach a conclusion, it is important that you consider the budget. So, take some time out to compare the prices of availing assisted living and home care services. In most cases, you’ll find that in-home care to be cheaper than residential care. Even though charges of home care services are based on the hours or period for which you would like to hire the assistance, the rates are still cost-effective and pocket-friendly. 

Independent living – Receiving care at home allows your senior to carry on with his/her daily routine. The expert carer plays the role of a facilitator and does not disrupt the day-to-day life of your elderly in no way. Amid a familiar environment, your seniors will find it easier to cope with the process of ageing. Remember, an independent way of living with sufficient supervision can help your elderly age with dignity. 

Combined effort – Of course the carer is there to take care of your senior, but you too can pitch in at times. This is one of the biggest perks of domiciliary care. Since family members know their senior’s needs best, the new carer can seek your opinion before taking any step or rendering care to the ailing patient as and when required. By giving the right briefing and suggestions, you too can help the carer execute his tasks properly. 

Conclusion – Residential care and home care are both feasible senior care options before you. But hiring home care has its own perks. We tried highlighting major benefits in the above discussion. With an in-home carer at help, your senior can enjoy quality care at his own home. You also do not have to go through the pain of separating with your beloved grandparent. It is a win-win for both of you. So, get rid of those confusions and contact Priory Care Services for its first-class care solutions for your senior.