How to Take Care of Your Elderly During Coronavirus Outbreak?

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The outbreak and spread of novel coronavirus have sent shockwaves across the globe. With hundreds of people getting infected every week, we still have not found the right remedy to control the menace of this virus. Taking precautionary measures is the only way out for everyone! Further, if you have been following the statistics, you would know that seniors aged 60 and above are more susceptible to contract this virus. Be it home care services, or assisted living system, every kind of care facility has to now follow the guidelines laid down by the healthcare authorities. This is done to ensure that all seniors remain safe and healthy without falling a victim to the coronavirus. Wondering what precautions can keep the dreadful Covid-19 at bay? Read here the suggestions shared by the experts.

Tips for taking care of your senior amid the coronavirus crisis

Keep them indoor for good – Given the rate at which this infection is spreading, it is suggested to keep your senior indoor until the emergency gets over. Also, restrict the entry of visitors in your home so that your senior does not come in contact with an infected person in anyway. Instead of taking them out for a stroll or a hangout, utilize this time to spend quality time indoor. Playing cards, reading books, or engaging in conversation with them can quell your senior’s boredom.

Cleanliness is important – Invisible to our eyes, virus could be anywhere and everywhere around us. For this reason, you should resort to daily cleaning of home to keep it germ-free. Since our seniors suffer from various respiratory problems, keeping your household clean can further save them from developing dust allergies. Frequent washing of hands is also recommended by the experts so that the infection does not get to settle on the body surface.

Taking nutritious meals – A balanced diet can strengthen the immune system of your seniors. You simply cannot downplay the importance of this factor because without a strong immunity, weak seniors can grow even more vulnerable to the infection. If you have an expert of day and night care services looking after your senior, ask him to prepare nutritious meal for the elderly.

Stock medicine – As many cities are locked-down due to coronavirus outbreak, you must get an advanced supply of emergency and regular medicines for your senior. Get bottles of hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks. You never know when these essentials might just disappear from the market due to high demand! Also, do not panic if your senior shows any symptom. Take them to a doctor to see whether it is a common flu or Covid-19.

Provide emotional support – These extra precautions might overwhelm your senior, but sufficient emotional support can calm them down. Yes! Coronavirus targets senior population, but with the right measures, its effect and spread can be controlled. Your senior is already weak both mentally and physically, so do not panic thereby making it even more difficult for him to cope with the situation.

Conclusion – It is an agreed fact that seniors are more likely to contract coronavirus than people of other age groups. The reason being, they have weak immune system and also develop age-related respiratory problems. However, following aforementioned tips can keep your elderly free from such a deadly viral disease.