How Respite Caregivers can help Identify Early Signs of Dementia?

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Do you have parents or grandparents living alone at home? It is natural to be worried for them. No matter how much you try to be there for them, it is impossible to keep a constant vigil due to your own busy schedules. Being the primary caregiver in the family is not easy. To manage household responsibilities along with caregiving tasks can take a toll on everyone. If you have senior members living in Corydon or nearby areas, we suggest hiring respite care services in Croydon. This will provide your elderly with professional care as well as give rest to the primary caregiver in the family.

Dementia is one of the most common ailments afflicting older people. With the body becoming weak, the mental health also starts deteriorating slowly with age. Dementia is a form of cognitive impairment that could lead to impaired social skills, forgetfulness, emotional disorientation, and more. It is impossible for an untrained eye to catch these symptoms in an early stage.

Having professional caregivers at home can help family members to catch the disease before it reaches an advanced stage.

Below, we look at some early signs of dementia that must be taken as a warning.

Unable to articulate precise thoughts

Is your parent or grandparent facing difficulty in communicating simple thoughts? Are they unable to articulate their thoughts in a comprehensible manner? This could be one of the earliest signs of dementia. The person may struggle to express themselves and find it confusing to use the right words. When such a thing happens frequently, it is advisable to get them checked by a doctor.

Struggling to perform normal tasks

Is your parent or grandparent facing difficulty in accomplishing normal everyday tasks? Do they require help in bathing, changing clothes, or eating their food without spilling? Then it might be wise to get professional help. For those living in and around Croydon, you can get the best respite care services in Croydon. It could be an early symptom of dementia which could deteriorate further without medical treatment.

Inability to make the right judgement

Dementia patients lose their rational ability very quickly and often end up making some bad judgements. Do you think your elderly is not speaking as per the social situations? Is she or he giving away too much personal information to a stranger? If you find an elderly doing things which are normally against their nature, it might be due to their lack of judgement-making skills. Having a caregiver at home will keep family members informed of any unusual behaviour.

Withdrawal from social interactions

Dementia often leads to paranoia and distrust in unfamiliar social settings. Loud noises or too many people in one place could be overwhelming and lead to disorientation. If a caregiver finds the elderly suddenly withdrawing from social gatherings and refusing to out for community meets, then they must inform the family members. Getting their condition checked by a doctor is strongly advised.


If you think the elderly in your family is showing any of the above symptoms, it would be best to hire a caregiver for them. If your parents or grandparents are living in Kingston Upon Thames, get in touch with Priory Care Services to get the best respite care services in Kingston Upon Thames. Patients in the early stages of dementia need special care, which is not possible with a family caregiver. Respite caregivers can provide the adequate help needed.