How Can Carers Help Seniors Maintain Personal Hygiene?

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Maintaining personal hygiene is the key to stay healthy and ensure self-dignity. However, due to restricted movement and deteriorating health conditions, seniors often overlook the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness. This stands truer for dementia patients who get forgetful to the point where they do not remember to comb their hair, or take shower every day. But this neglect is not desirable as it can create an even adverse impact on the health of your senior. Since you keep busy with office and work, we understand it is beyond you to monitor your senior’s personal hygiene 24*7. In such a scenario, hiring an expert on home care service in Croydon is the only way out! Being experts in the field, professional caregivers can keep your seniors clean and tidy thereby promoting their positive image before the onlookers. 

Tips to ensure personal hygiene of your seniors

Daily bathing – Regular cleansing is important to wash off bacteria and germs that lead to several types of body infections. Be it scheduling a fixed bathing time, placing non-slip bath mats, or keeping soaps and shampoo handy, a carer can help your seniors get used to the habit of daily bathing. If your senior is extremely frail and unwell, the carer can further assist him with toweling dry and wiping body parts. Being experts, they know how important it is to be gentle and careful while cleansing your seniors. 

Combing hair and changing clothes – Do you know seniors suffering from dementia can also forget to change their dresses regularly? Such patients need constant reminders and also physical assistance to carry out these small yet important activities. Since domiciliary care experts are accustomed to these finer aspects of caregiving, they can keep an eye on every grooming requirement of your senior. From offering skin and nail care to sorting out clothes and combing hair, the expert makes your seniors feel better about themselves. 

Brushing teeth and maintaining oral hygiene – Does your senior wear dentures? These artificial teeth have different maintenance requirements. With a carer around him, your senior shall always follow a dental routine and maintain proper oral health and hygiene. Apart from daily brushing and flossing, the caregiver can also help your senior attend his dental appointments at the clinic. Following these points will prevent gum irritation, infection, and other types of the oral problem from popping up! 

Frequent hand washing – With Covid-19 engulfing the world, frequent hand washing has emerged as a necessary preventive measure to fight against the infection. Likewise, we also have to ensure our seniors are washing their hands at frequent intervals, especially before and after having meals. Cleaning hands with warm and soapy water can keep infections at bay and our vulnerable seniors healthy. Given their proficiency, expert carers can take care of these minute yet important needs even if they skip your mind. 

Conclusion – Is your senior neglecting personal hygiene? Remember, hygiene and health are intertwined. Moreover, feeling fresh also contributes to feeling good and healthy.