Debunking 5 Elderly Home Care Myths

Debunking 5 Elderly Home Care Myths

Old age is a reality that cannot be escaped. Once your parents reach a certain age, most of them need care and assistance to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Domiciliary care in Croydon can benefit both seniors and their family members to lead a normal life. But many people still feel unsure about hiring in-home caregivers due to some common myths. In this article, we take a look at the myths surrounding home care and reveal the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Home Care is Only for People who are Very Sick

This is a common misconception. People often think that home care is only needed for seniors who are very sick or for those who cannot perform regular tasks without assistance. This is completely false. Domiciliary care can be both medical and non-medical. While it is true that caregiving is beneficial for people who are bedridden or sick, it can also be tailored to each individual’s needs. Home caregivers can be appointed only for specific purposes like meal preparation, household chores, or just for companionship.

Myth 2: Home Care is Too Expensive

Many people shy away from hiring home care services because they fear it is too expensive. In reality, home care is much cheaper than a nursing home or assisted care facility. Home caregivers charge you on an hourly basis, with no hidden costs applied. You only pay for what you need and the services can be customized to suit your needs. In comparison, a nursing home or care facility is more expensive because they include additional costs like rooming, meals, medical bills, etc.

Myth 3: Caregivers Are Uncaring& Untrustworthy

Some people think caregivers are not sincere about their duties and will not look after your elderly with care and compassion. Again, this is completely false. If you have heard a few bad stories, don’t let that cloud your judgement. Most caregivers are hardworking, sincere, and care deeply for their patients. They join this profession because they want to help and make a difference. You can hire the services from reputed domiciliary care in Kingston upon Thames to be assured you get licensed and verified caregivers only with positive ratings.

Myth 4: Home Care is Not for Those Seniors Who Have Family Caregivers

Sometimes, family members think it is their duty to look after their ageing seniors and do not opt for a home care service. However, caring for the elderly can be tiring and exhausting for someone who is not trained in it. Family members are not fully equipped when it comes to providing in-home care, especially if the elderly need medical help too. Hiring an experienced caregiver gives you the benefit of receiving expert care for your loved one. Moreover, it also frees up your time so you can attend to your personal matters. This prevents caregiver burnout among family members.

Myth 5: Home Care Isn’t Long-Term

Many people think of home care as a temporary solution before you move the elderly to a nursing home or care facility. But this is not necessary. If you can find a credible and dependable caregiver for your senior at home, thinking about a long-term care plan shouldn’t be very difficult. Discuss it with the doctor and the caregiver, and you can work out a solution that covers long-term needs.


Home care services are helpful, affordable, and reliable. Opt for domiciliary care in Croydon for your elderly and let them lead an independent life in the later years.