Busting 5 Myths About Elderly Domiciliary Care Services

Debunking 5 Myths About Elderly Domiciliary Care

Old age is a phase that arrives in everyone’s life and makes most individuals dependent and needy. Mobility issues, health problems, low eyesight, and a clouded memory make it difficult to live the life that one lived in his/her youth and middle age. As a result, we must recognise that as our parent’s age, they may require assistance with even the most insignificant tasks that they have never needed before. So, if you can be there for them to keep a close watch on them daily and do their share of the work, then it is okay. However, if you are not there, it would be best that you take the help of a professional and let them take care of your elderly parent on your behalf.

Unfortunately, many children and family members of such elderly people believe in false rumors and do not seek professional help. This not only hampers the life of the elderly person but also keeps the family member restless because they are unable to spend as much time as they should care for their elderly loved ones. If this is the case with you, then it’s time you knew the truth behind the myths and approached any top-notch domiciliary care agencies for help.

Myth 1: Domiciliary care services are solely for sick elderly people

This is one of the mistakes that many family members of elderly people make. The reason behind this is that people generally think that hiring domiciliary care is worthwhile when the elderly are extremely sick. No, domiciliary care can be both medical and non-medical. So, it can be both for extremely sick elderly people, and customised according to the needs of an elderly person. So, you can hire domiciliary caregivers to prepare meals, run errands, do household chores, and more.

However, make sure to hire only qualified and trained domiciliary caregivers. If you live in Croydon and are looking for a helping hand, then make sure you approach the top domiciliary agencies in Croydon for the best result.

Myth 2: Caregivers do not care adequately, and are not trustworthy

This is one of the most common myths that people believe in. They tend to think that their money would go to waste, because most caregivers are not sincere with their duties, and don’t take good care of the elderly. This is completely false. In contrast, if you hire the right caregivers, you might find out that they are dedicated, hardworking, and deeply caring for elderly people. Caregivers, in the first place, join the service, because they want to help the elderly, and so they always try to do their work compassionately. However, you must make sure that you have hired help from a top domiciliary care agency that only connects you to licensed and trained caregivers.

Myth 3: Home care services are costly

Most of the family members even before enquiring about the cost of the elderly home care services shy away from it by thinking that the service is expensive. In reality, however, one should know that home care is inexpensive in comparison to nursing home care facilities. Domiciliary caregivers in general charge on an hourly basis, with no hidden charges. So, you will only need to pay for your requirements. Plus, the services can be tailored. In the case of the nursing home, you will have to pay additional costs like meals, medical bills, and rooming.

Myth 4: Domiciliary care services are a temporary solution

According to many people, domiciliary care services are temporary solutions, which are required before the elderly person is moved to a care facility. However, this is not the case, if you hire a reliable caregiver who is qualified to offer all kinds of support, you can easily appoint them for a long time.

Myth 5: Domiciliary care services are not for the elderly who have family caregivers

Family members may think that caring for the elderly is only their task. However, at the end of the day, everybody has their share of work. And caring for the elderly is not that easy. You might need proper training and knowledge to provide the right care, and this is where professional caregivers can help.


So, these are some of the myths that commonly surround domiciliary care services and make people avoid the services. In reality, however, these are untrue, and in contrast, they are extremely helpful. If you are unable to take proper care of your elderly loved one, then let go of your inhibitions, hire domiciliary caregivers, and observe the peace of mind you get. However, to get the best help, you must remember to only hire the best caregivers. So, if you are in Croydon, and want to hire domiciliary care agencies, you can rely on Priory Care Services.