Beneficial Ways of Preventing Joint Ache & Stiffness in Old Age

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Nobody realises the trouble of joint pain unless it starts plaguing lives by restricting their movements. It is, thus, suggested for seniors that they take care of their bone health now and avoid facing problems later. Since our bones become stiff and lose elasticity with age, it is natural that your grandparents will face certain mobility problems, which are not altogether avoidable. But, following a few tips can be of great help in checking the rapid escalation of health problems. So, in this blog, we bring to you tried and true tips recommended by the experts of home care services in Croydon. Here’s how you can help your elderly safeguard their joints.

Vitamin-D and calcium rich food – When the diet is on point, a lot of health issues can be avoided. To keep joint problems at bay, seniors should have vitamin-D rich food that promotes bone health. Milk, orange juice, mushrooms, and salmon are some of the best sources of vitamin-D in our daily diet. Likewise, calcium-rich items like spinach, white beans, oatmeal, and sardines should also be made a part of the regular diet for your senior.

Healthy weight management – Not many might point it out, but excess weight or obesity can lead to joint pain more than any other factors. That is so because when your elderly gains weight, he or she has to bear the excess weight that creates additional pressure around the joints. Beware that if not tackled now, this problem can cause issues like osteoarthritis in later life. Cutting down on junks and giving up on addictions like smoking or drinking can help in healthy management of weight.

Regular exercising – Whether it is about weight control or maintaining body flexibility, daily exercising is one definite solution to tackle health problems. If you cannot oversee his routine for one reason or another, feel free to hire an expert of domiciliary care who can help your senior exercise and stay disciplined about it. There is no hard and fast rule that older adults have to do high impact exercise for staying fit. Strolling, jogging, and free-hand exercises are enough to keep joints healthy.

Get enough sunlight – Do you know sunlight is the best source of vitamin-D for our bodies? You should motivate your senior to go for a walk or strolling in the park so that they can absorb vitamin-D from sunlight. Going out will also help your senior to socialise and form peer groups in parks or clubs. These habits promote physical and mental happiness in old age, so you should encourage your elderly to stay active instead of letting them get used to a sedentary lifestyle.

Being watchful and alert – It is better to stay alert and avoid troubles than being carefree and suffer from injuries in old age. Since meeting with injuries at an older age can lead to lifelong suffering, you should ask your elderly to be careful about movements and stay safe as much as possible. Even while exercising, older adults should be cautious and should not overexert himself in trying to complete a posture or exercise. 

Conclusion – So, are you searching for a care provider who can shower care and compassion on your seniors and also keep them healthy? To engage the best quality home care services in Croydon, get in touch with Priory Care Services today. With the right carer at help, your senior can age with dignity and gracefully. Hire a reliable care professional and watch the difference.