A List of Facts to Know about Covid-19 Vaccines for Older Adults

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With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire world has been thrown into a whirlwind of health crisis and uncertainties for the last year. Of course, the world has lost a significant chunk of its population to the coronavirus, but older people have been more susceptible to contracting this deadly infection. However, the recent roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines has given us peace of mind. Being at increased risk from the infection, the Covid-19 vaccines will be administered to the older adults first apart from other frontline healthcare workers. As your reliable domiciliary care agency, we bring a curated list of must-know facts about Covid-19 vaccines. If you plan to get your elderly vaccinated, you can’t afford to give this blog a miss. To know some important tips can help you protect your loving one from the fatal health risk.

Things to Do After Receiving the Vaccine –

The two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine can decrease the chances of contracting and passing the virus. Even if your elderly has been administered the vaccine, they must continue wearing a face mask when going out, practise social distancing, wash hands before touching their faces. Does your parent suffer from forgetfulness? Make sure you have a carer who can oversee if your elderly is following the measures diligently.

The Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Group –

If your parent or grandparent is in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group, he or she will receive the vaccine before the ones who are not suffering from any long-term health conditions. Serious health concerns like diabetes, cardiac problems, kidney diseases, dementia, and lowered immunity from the cancer treatments in combination with Covid-19 infection can prove to be deadly for the patients. Hence, they require the vaccines more urgently than others.

The Possible Side Effects of the Vaccine –

Yes, Covid-19 vaccines may cause some side effects but they are mostly for the short term. Even if your elderly gets symptoms after receiving the first dose, he or she must take the second dose. Tenderness, pain, and heaving feeling around the arm area is a very common side effect that usually lasts 2 days from receiving the vaccine. In case, your senior develops flu like symptoms, you may hire an expert offering home care services who can take care of your parent and act in case of any emergency. Also, seek advice from your family doctor for proper treatment. Keep him or he informed about the vaccine so they can treat the patient accordingly.

The Procedure of Getting the Vaccine –

First, remember that you will never have to pay for getting a Covid-19 vaccine as it is available free of cost. Second, your elderly needs two doses of the vaccine, so make sure to follow up the second time without fail. The second dose should be administered within 3 to 12 weeks from the first dose of the vaccine. Keep in mind that your elderly needs both the doses to enjoy long term protection from the coronavirus.

Conclusion – So, we guess we have answered the most important Covid-19 vaccines-related questions in this blog. You can always talk to a doctor to know and understand the facts in detail. And in case, you are scouting for the best senior care in Croydon, you can get in touch with us at Priory Care Services. Feel free to contact us today!