5 Benefits of Including Physiotherapy in Senior Care Plans

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Is your elderly suffering from arthritis, joint stiffness or back pain? Have you considered physiotherapy for him or her? As a part of the overall wellness regime, physiotherapy can not only improve body mobility and reduce muscle stiffness, but it also contributes to the holistic wellbeing of your senior. However, simply calling a physiotherapist for weekly sessions will not help, unless your senior is practising the exercises well by himself. When you are around, you can physically support him and help correct his postures.

Even in your absence, the home care provider can assist your senior in doing his physiotherapy exercises with perfection. See, physiotherapy is not just for athletes who are into hardcore physical activities. Senior adults, who are vulnerable to various diseases can also benefit from it. In this blog, we discus those benefits of doing physiotherapy.

Recovery from surgical operations – Has your senior recently undergone a post-knee replacement surgery? Post-operative physiotherapy is extremely beneficial in terms of improving the mobility and agility of your elderly.

Initially, a physiotherapist shows and guides in doing a series of important exercises that your senior can pick and practice on his own later on. Also, regular exercising can help your parent recover faster from the operation and stay physically fit in the long run.

A non-invasive treatment option – Whether your senior is suffering from hip problems or joint stiffness, many of these problems can be treated without undergoing surgeries. Now that’s a relief, right? But in that case, your senior has to be regular with his physiotherapy exercises as that can help prevent minor issues from developing into something serious.

Also, to control symptoms and slight pain and muscle soreness, you can ask the doctor to suggest some pain control medicines for your senior.

Mental and emotional wellbeing – Improved mobility and physical fitness can keep your senior mentally happy as well. After all, the feeling of physical wellbeing enhances a person’s mental health, you know.

The psychological benefit of physiotherapy is such that even at supported living assistance centres the carers encourage seniors to do their exercises regularly. Inducing the release of endorphins hormone, these exercises alleviate anxiety and increase mental positivity.

Healthy & safe exercises for seniors – There is no denying that daily exercising is important for seniors, but they cannot practice some random exercises without considering their physical limitations. Reckless exercising can do more harm than good to your elderly.

In physiotherapy, the professional guides the senior and teaches him the right exercises through which he can truly benefit. After learning from the expert, your elderly will practise only those exercises that are appropriate for him.

Build body strength and agility – As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, you should also help your parent live free of physical problems by encouraging him to exercise. Not only can it be practised for curing the existing health issues, but physiotherapy will also prevent physical discomforts from raising their heads. From boosting mental health to improving body strength and stability, physiotherapy can do wonders for your senior’s wellness.

Closing thoughts – Do you think your senior needs respite care for recovering from illness? Make sure you’re calling a physiotherapist for professional assistance as well.