4 Helpful Tips to Persuade Your Parents for Home Care Services

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As our parents become older, they too need constant care and assistance like our younger selves once did. With the offset of old age, they begin to face many problems like body and joint aches, reduced mobility, physical illnesses, or even dementia. Along with this, many elders face loneliness as their children start living separately. This is why it is most recommended to hire trusted and reliable home care services in Kingston upon Thames who can look after your parents with care and empathy.

But often times, parents are not agreeable to the notion of having a caregiver for them. For self-sufficient individuals who have lived their entire lives independently, requiring such services can hurt their sense of pride. In such a situation, do not force them. One has to devise careful tactics to make them a professional caregiver at home.

Looking to hire domiciliary care in Kingston upon Thames? Here are some easy tips you can follow to convince your parents to accept such services.

Observe First

Before proposing the idea with them, first observe if your parents really need home care services. Are they facing difficulties in managing the household chores? Is getting dressed in the morning a challenge for them? Do they often forget to switch off the gas stove? For a few days, just observe their daily routine and make a mental list of the tasks where they might need help. When you have a deeper understanding of the kind of help they need, you can have a more fruitful discussion with them.


You cannot force your idea upon your parents. Listen to any concerns your parents might have and find out the reasons for their resistance to home care. Look at the situation from their point of view and try to be compassionate and empathetic. Don’t be overbearing; give them time and space to think about it and reach a favorable decision. It may take weeks or even months before some parents agree to hire a caregiver.


Before making a decision, talk to family and close friends. Discuss the various options of assisted carewith siblings, aunts and uncles, and your parents’ close friends. Listen to what input others have to give and reach a unified decision. When your parents see that all their close family and friends recommend professional caregiving, they will be more open to the idea.

Start Small

Sometimes, you need to take small steps before introducing the idea of a full time-caregiver. You can start by hiring respite care in Kingston upon Thames that is required only in case of emergencies or if the primary caregiver in the family goes out of town. Seeing it as a temporary measure, the parents do not object much. Another approach to try would be hiring a housekeeper and not caregiver. Tell your parents you’re hiring help to manage the household tasks like cooking or laundry, and not for their personal assistance. And then slowly from cooking and cleaning, they might start helping in buying groceries or driving them around to doctor’s appointments. Gradually with time, it is hoped that they might develop a friendly bond with the individual and then accept them as a full-time caregiver.


In the end, it is about creating a sort of middle path where both you and your parents are happy and satisfied. Get in touch with well-reputed home care services in Kingston to provide your parents with the best care.